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          Rock climbing is and has been a growing recreational sport for many reasons; health and fitness, strength training, flexibility, balance, and adventure.  Climbing also requires mental strategies of planning, anticipation, and focus.  Climbing is inherently a social... read more
Banff Park Lodge - 04/07/15: Adaptive Adventures is teaming up with the Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre (RMASC) in Canmore, Alberta Canada to provide a week of all mountain skiing and riding at two great resorts – Lake Louise and Sunshine Village. Contact us for more details... read more
Bullfrog Marina - 05/17/15: Essential Details: Dates: MAy 17 - 22, 2015 Location: Lake Powell, Utah – Bullfrog Marina Participants: 8-10 Adult Guests with Adaptive Needs Cost: Current Estimates are at 600.00 per person, all inclusive upon arrival at Bullfrog Marina. Final Cost to be updated in Late March.  read more
Lake Arlington Park - 05/18/14: Adaptive Adventures Wounded Warrior Dragon Boat Team will be practicing from May through August this season. The team is made up of Wounded Warriors and their families. The team will practice on Sunday's and will compete in two or more local races in 2014, including the 3rd annual Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival... read more
Lake Shore Drive - 05/24/15: Join Adaptive Adventures and other local adaptive groups for the first challenge ride of the season. Last year, we hosted the largest group of adaptive riders ever at the event, including many wounded warriors and their families. Our goal is to continue to grow our group this year with youth, adults, and more veterans than... read more


Hey Joel, this is Jason's wife Stephanie. I just want to thank you and Adaptive Adventures so much for the amazing opportunity that you have given Jason. I can't even find the words to say how much the trip to Chicago meant to him. Honestly he was pretty depressed because of everything we have been through and he wasn't involved in any type of activities. I believe that because of you and everyone that helped out at the camp, Jason is a different person. And there are so many people that...

Jason Wheeler
The [Adaptive Adventures] Stars Youth Ski Camp was great...Hannah loved it. She had an instructor named Dana, and Carol the volunteer. What a team. Hannah learned a lot more about life than skiing! She can’t wait to go next year...My only regret is that we didn’t do this sooner (previous years). THANKS THANKS THANKS!  

Kristen - Mother of Hannah age 14
Hey there Matt, I just wanted to say Thanks for the Great Instruction you provided on the slopes. I feel that I have improved greatly since I started monoskiing. I always enjoy coming to the Vail camp. Hanging out with everybody is a blast! When I had to leave I was saddened because of the great time I had and all the new people I met. I hope to hang out with the everybody again during the summer months. Well, I have to get some things done today ...Thanks again for the work you do with putting...

Darin Cuskelly - School Teacher from ND
By: Sarah Wade - Ted's wife My husband, Ted, joined the Army during the summer of 2000, and following the attacks of September 11, he was called on to serve first in Afghanistan and later Iraq. On February 14, 2004, his humvee was hit by a bomb on a mission in Al Mahmudiyah. Ted sustained a severe brain injury, his right arm was amputated above the elbow, suffered a fractured leg, a broken foot, shrapnel injuries, and other complications. He remained in a coma for over 2 months, during which...

Edward Wade
My name is Christopher Fesmire. I am a Marine vet wounded in Iraq when the hummvee I was in rolled over a double stacked anti tank mine. I lost both of my legs above the knees. I have attended Adaptive Adventures’ Steamboat Springs All Mountain Ski Camp twice. I had an excellent experience at both camps. What makes these experiences so special? I have a two part answer to that question. The first part of what makes Adaptive Adventures’ Steamboat Springs All Mountain Camp so special is who...

Chris Fesmire
“What I love most about these events is that they are not making it easy,” said Salau. “They’re making us use everything we’ve got left to challenge ourselves and learn how to water ski. It’s not about pity.”

Edwin Salau - Summer
Ret. First Lieutenant Ed Salau - Above the knee amputee - lost his left leg when a rocket propelled grenade hit his humvee in an attack in Iraq in 2004. “What I love most about Adaptive Adventures events is that they are not making it easy,” said Salau. “They’re making us use everything we’ve got left to challenge ourselves and learn how to be active again. It’s not about pity…It’s about living my life again. Thank you Adaptive Adventures!”

Ret. First Lieutenant Ed Salau
After a successful winter that featured four Stars of Tomorrow Youth Ski and Ride camps, we feel the best way to share the story is through the eyes of one of our parents. Joel, Mau, and Matt, I wanted to write a thank you letter regarding the Stars of Tomorrow Camp in Steamboat this year. It was a fi rst rate camp as usual. Our year wouldn’t be complete without attending one or two of your events. First of all, thank you so much for the scholarship. I’m not sure if we could have made the trip...

Pierce Grandchamp
Before we had kids, my husband Joel and I skied almost every year. We always watched in amazement at the little kids barreling down the mountain and looked forward to the day that our children would do the same, no doubt becoming better skiers than us by the time they were four. When Gwen and her twin brother Nick were born 13 weeks early, each weighing under two pounds, all of our dreams for their future were put on hold. After they were diagnosed at 18 months with cerebral palsy we knew that...

Gwen Johnson
Hey Joel and Matt- ”Thanks again for offering a great opportunity for Greg and myself. We had a great time and definitely opened Greg’s eyes to what's possible for him. He said repeatedly on the flight home, “the best 5 days of my life”. I hope he can use these feelings to motivate himself forward in a new direction. If all goes well this year, we'll be back for the adult camp next winter. You've inspired Greg and me more than you know. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you for some...

Gregory Peck