Thank you for your interest in Adaptive Adventures program opportunities.  On our website you should find everything you need to register, sign-up, and prepare for our program events. Along the way if you have questions you can always email us.

As a participant with Adaptive Adventures, you will have the opportunity to interact with people of all abilities and take advantage of the many activities we offer.  While we have sporting events all over the country, our main focus is in Colorado and the Greater Chicago Area. In the winter we have alpine and Nordic skiing and snowboarding while in the summer we offer kayaking, cycling, rafting, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and sailing. 

At Adaptive Adventures, we consider anyone involved in the event to be a participant, not only the individuals with disabilities.  Friends, family, caregivers, and community members should also register with us and sign up for events.  Once you complete the registration form, select the event you are interested in and click on the “Sign Up For This Event” link.   


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Adaptive Adventures is driven by its belief in ‘freedom through mobility’ and core values of affordability, independence, and leadership. Programs focus on fitness, health, and wellness, as well as the social and community aspects of sports. Program participants enjoy freedom from their disability as they glide down ski slopes, cut through the water in a kayak or wakeboard, or bike through the Rocky Mountains and along the shores of Lake Michigan. Through our programs, we see people build confidence and independence and become inspired to pursue their personal goals and aspirations in all areas of their lives.       

Adaptive Adventures is a mobile organization, providing the specialized equipment and experienced instructors necessary for quality sport opportunities in communities that don’t easily have access to these services. We partner with rehabilitation centers, VA hospitals, other adaptive sports non-profits, and parks and recreation programs that have clients who benefit from participating in sports, but cannot afford to or do not have the opportunity available in their community.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming programs and again, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.