Adaptive Sports for Kids

The Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK) Program offers year-round recreational and competitive sports opportunities for physically disabled children and youth ages 6 to 20. ASK encourages participants to enjoy the outdoors, develop a healthy lifestyle, make new friends, gain self-confidence, and achieve greater independence.... read more
Be a Star of Tomorrow! Stars of Tomorrow Youth Ski & Snowboard Camps are fun sports camps for youth with physical disabilities who want to learn how to ski or snowboard.  They can participate with other youths in the same age group - and at an affordable price. STARS Camps are also great for those who have skied... read more
Multi-day, mult-sport camps for children and young adults. Can include from 3 to over a dozen different sports and recreation activities. All camps feature kayaking, cycling, and water-skiing. Camp length varies between two and five days. Featured camps are located in Denver, CO, Libertyville, IL, and Twin Lakes WI.... read more
Adaptive Adventures recognizes the need to support aspiring young athletes who are committed to pursuing a higher level of achievement in sports.  This Sports Leadership Program develops character and offers athletes a bright future with unprecedented potential to become leaders of their generation.   We... read more
In addition to our core sports of alpine skiing, cycling, paddling, and water-skiing/wakeboarding, Adaptive Adventures offers a number of experiences in other sports throughout the year. All of our Stars of Tomorrow Summer camps offer mutiple sports opportunities that can include baseball, basketball, golf,  horseback... read more

Changing Lives One Child at a Time

Adaptive Sports for KidsThe Adaptive Sports for Kids (“ASK”) Program is designed for children and young adults with physical disabilities age 6 to 20, to learn and experience various sports in a nurturing and fun environment. ASK utilizes sports as a vehicle to encourage youth with physical challenges to get outside, make new friends, gain confidence, and explore their independence.

Athlete Spotlight - Stephanie Jallen

Our experienced team utilizes standard as well as specialized adaptive equipment to provide quality instruction in a safe social setting for children of all ages. A large percentage of our staff and volunteers have disabilities, and serve as positive role models for our young participants.

What Makes Us Different

Mobility Adaptive Adventures brings programs to people. As a non-site-based organization, we offer a wide variety of activities in different locations. Our mobility enables us to create innovative opportunities in local communities everywhere.
Group Activities Our ASK program puts an emphasis on skill development and social aspects of sports and recreation in an integrated setting. By including friends, families, and youth of all abilities, we create an environment conducive to developing confidence and independence.
Collaboration One of Adaptive Adventures’ core philosophies is collaboration. We strive to partner with many youth-oriented organizations in order to combine knowledge and resources to increase efficiency in serving the community.

At the core of the ASK program is the Stars of Tomorrow Camp series. These multi-day camps offer a variety of sports and allow the kids to play hard, compete, develop skills and socialize. All participants are offered the same opportunities regardless of ability. The kids in the Stars of Tomorrow program gain confidence, fitness and independence. In the end, they feel “If I can do this, I can do anything.”

Adaptive Adventures has been offering multiple Stars of Tomorrow camps year-round reaching out to more than 1,000 youth with physical disabilities over the last 10 years.

STARS Summer Camps offer water skiing, handcycling, kayaking, rock climbing, tennis, and arts & crafts projects while making new friends. These activities can be easily shared with friends and family to enjoy the summer outside.

STARS Winter Camps offer skiing and snowboarding lessons combined with a strong group and social atmosphere. The camps offer as much socially off the hill as they do physically and emotionally on the slopes, such as watching skiing videos, sledding, tubing, and visits to the hot springs, etc.

Team Mau was created by Adaptive Adventures' own head ski coach Mau Thompson. Mau recognized the need to support aspiring young athletes who are committed to pursuing a higher level of achievement in sports. The goal of Team Mau is to develop competitors, leaders and role models. The current focus is on participating in the Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia in 2014.