Freedom through Mobility handcyclists at Challenge Tour Colorado

Mission: To provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve quality of life for children, adults and veterans with physical disabilities and their families.

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Join us on our next great adventure! We provide ongoing programs, clinics and camps all over the country in cycling, climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, skiing, dragon boat racing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, scuba and rafting.


Give back, get outside and join our community! Our volunteer opportunities are endless. Become a sport specific volunteer, run registration, geek out with gear maintenance, work on a special event, or help out in the office with our awesome team.


Make an impact today through a tax deductible donation. Your one time gift or monthly donation will provide FREEDOM through Mobility for our athletes.

Our Impact

“When I grew up it was hard for me to understand what had happened to me. All I knew was that I was different from a lot of people. I didn’t understand because I was only six months old when it happened. I kept asking people what had happened. They kept saying, “You had cancer.” What was cancer I always asked myself. By the time I was 7 I learned what cancer was. It’s where you are very sick and you have to go to the hospital. I had surgery and chemotherapy and then I learned how to walk. The only difference is that I lean when I walk and I have crutches and braces. I always thought I was lonely and would never meet someone else like me. But all that changed when my grandma heard about Adaptive Adventures. I was so excited to meet lots and lots of people like me. And the very moment I got there and shook hands with a guy named Matt Feeney I knew that I was not the only one. No! I was not alone.” - Caidn, age 11, Denver CO

 "Adaptive Adventures has given me a new platform in a lifestyle unbeknownst to me that has given me hope and encouragement to live life to its fullest. August of 2016 at an event at Ute Lake in North New Mexico was the month that I was able to find that hey that allowed me to open the door to my cage that I had created. The love and care that I received touched and changed my core beliefs that I had given up on."   -Cas, El Paso TX

"Not all those who have suffered a spinal cord injury have access to the equipment, experienced and knowledgeable staff, and emotional support that Adaptive Adventures provides. I am grateful to Adaptive Adventures filling that void and your affect on my quality of life"   -Dave, Denver CO

"I have participated in several Adaptive Adventures programs including dragon boat, a rafting trip, climbing and cycling. Adaptive Adventures has changed my life. At my worst, I felt that I would never again be able to get out and be physical and that the camaraderie I had with my brothers and sisters in arms was only a memory. Through Adaptive Adventures all of that has once again become a part of my every day life. I have proven to myself that I am able to do whatever I want to do and that the only person holding me back is myself."   -Brian, Brighton CO

It has been such an adventure since April 2014 when I first became involved with Adaptive Adventures. I am a Disabled Veteran which was considered an outcast, a danger or an uncertainty in this civilian world. I am not PTSD but was looked upon as one! In an attempt to adapt to my new life that involved severe injuries, it was difficult to find a place involving outdoor activity, let alone indoor activity. I was part of the Wounded Warrior Project but those events were mostly in Colorado Springs. Not only far but few events at that. Then I became aware of Adaptive Adventures! To explain how Adaptive does this for me; they have a beautiful and somewhat handsome team which provides adapted equipment. This involves them loading the equipment and taking it to locations where they unload it. I am able to enjoy events without suffering the hard physical work involved required to accomplish this! Adaptive Adventures and the community that attends these events have embraced me into their community have done so much for my soul and spirit. The members from the Military Veteran community have also re-created that long missed camaraderie with these events. Sometimes I feel like a kid that has won a Disneyland event over and over and over again. Thank You Adaptive Adventures and a huge Thank You to all those who have helped support Adaptive Adventures! Your contribution has saved a soul and a life that was once filled with an uncertain future if a future at all would have existed. - Rob, Denver CO

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