About Us

What we’re all about

Outdoor sports are empowering.

That’s the idea that brought our founders together. As individuals with physical disabilities, they quickly reached another belief: These sports should be accessible to everyone.

Twenty years later, Adaptive Adventures is the world’s largest mobile outdoor adaptive sports provider. We’ve helped over 100,000 participants find independence, overcome trauma and establish purpose — thanks to these core principles:


We serve anyone in need

No matter your perceived physical limitations or economic barriers, this program is for you. Learn more

We’ll come to you

To date, we’ve served rehab hospitals, park districts, community gyms and other organizations across all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico.

We’ll provide what you need

Our customized activities, innovative equipment, staff training and continuous resources help further inclusion for individuals and communities.


Truly empowering someone though, requires more than just one-off events. We establish long-term services with communities by building infrastructure that serves generations.

That’s how we help people truly redefine their limits. That’s Freedom through Mobility.


Where we’re going

Close your eyes with us and imagine a world where all individuals have access to the rejuvenating power of outdoor sports, no matter their physical, geographical or financial barriers.

It’s a world with an improved quality of life — one defined by supportive networks, continuous skill development and newfound independence.

This is the world we’re trying to create. By continuing to expand our offerings, connect with new communities and empower existing members, we believe this future is within reach.

So come join our journey today!

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