Our Focus

We establish, sustain and scale adaptive sports programs in unserved and underserved communities. We foster collaboration bringing the community together and providing training, education, equipment, resources and administrative support to sustain ongoing programming. Once established we continue to invest in these communities by introducing additional opportunities. 


To create a more inclusive and accessible world, we train and educate individuals, healthcare providers, outfitters, climbing gyms, bike shops, community organizations, corporate groups, brands, retailers and other adaptive sport agencies. We provide training and education in the implementation of specific adaptive sports programs, disability awareness, patient assessment and fitting, inclusive design, equipment mechanics and upkeep, equipment buildout and general inclusion and accessibility to name a few. We build custom training, education and consulting programs to fit you and your community’s needs. 


We focus on building an inclusive community of collaboration and a culture of shared, lived experiences. We partner with over 180 organizations to create a network of resources to support individuals and their families as well as the community. We are uniquely positioned with our staff team as everyone on our team either has a physical disability themselves or has a family member with a disability. Our team is able to meet individuals where they are in their pain and trauma and come alongside them as they regain independence and freedom, helping them to find their new “normal”. Our team encourages them in a way that only an individual who has also lived that experience can.


We recognize the importance innovation plays in our mission and vision. We are dedicated to partnering with equipment manufacturers, University Human Engineering programs and outdoor retailers to reduce barriers through disruptive technology, to build up the skills and knowledge of our future innovators and to create a more inclusive community. Our team utilizes garage innovation while on the road to make experiences possible for individuals with unique disabilities and circumstances. We are continuously taking on projects to strategize solutions and provide expertise to create a more accessible and inclusive world.

Mental Health

We recognize the physical, social, emotional and mental health benefits associated with recreating in the outdoors with others. Individuals in our programs report experiencing greater independence, camaraderie, freedom and joy while reducing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, social isolation, pain, prescription drug dependence and negative coping behaviors. We also know that when the individual thrives the whole family thrives. That is why we focus on serving not only the individual but their family, caregivers, therapy teams and friends. Our programs provide transferable skills that improve daily life for the whole family. Our team receives specific training to support individuals experiencing mental health crises.