Craig DeMartino

Climbing Manager

Craig has been involved in adaptive climbing for 11 years coming to it after a horrific 100 foot climbing fall in 2002 that resulted in a fused back at L1-4, fused neck at C5/6 and the amputation of his right leg below the knee. After returning to climbing, a good friend reached out to him after a trip to Yosemite and invited him to spend the afternoon with some veterans who had lost limbs and take them climbing.

Craig’s experience in climbing spans 32 years with half of those as an adaptive climber who enjoys pushing himself on climbs around the world. He is the first amputee to climb El Capitan in under a day, as well as holds several other speed records for adaptive climbing in Yosemite, is a Two-time National Adaptive Climbing Champion and Two Time Bronze medal winner in Adaptive Worlds.

Craig began working with Adaptive Adventures in 2016 in an effort to help build a larger climbing program. His passion for climbing and the community it fosters is instrumental in his love of adaptive sport. He is often heard saying to his athletes at clinics that he is there to “make them climbers, not adaptive climbers” so they can become part of the community of not just adaptive sports, but of the larger climbing community. He believes strongly in the power of community through adaptive sports and encourages people to embrace they’re new normal and keep moving.

Craig has worked with several companies in the outdoor industry to build climbing specific equipment such as the Evolv EAF foot for adaptive climber’s prosthetics and the ArcTeryx Clippa climbing foot that was featured in the film “Out on a Limb” which was Vimeo’s Best of the Year in Inspiration films.

Craig is a current AMGA member and sits on the advisory board of ArcTeryx’s Inclusion Initiative.

Craig was born in Reading, PA and grew up in Exeter, PA for most of his life until college when he moved out west to climb after graduation from Kutztown University.

Craig has been married to Cyndy for 25 years and they have two kids Mayah, 22, and Will, 20, and the four have traveled all around the world climbing and immersing themselves in the culture of the areas they are in. Craig spend his free time climbing with Cyndy and traveling.

If you would like to contact Craig DeMartino, please email him at or call (720) 665-5802.

Headshot of Craig DeMartino