Who We Serve


The Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK) Program offers year-round recreational and competitive sports opportunities for children and youth ages 6 to 20 with physical disabilities. ASK encourages participants to enjoy the outdoors, develop a healthy lifestyle, make new friends, gain self-confidence and achieve greater independence.

Under the guidance of our dedicated staff, coaches and volunteers, we utilize adaptive equipment for each of core sports to provide a customized experience to fit each individual in a safe setting. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of the participants.

At the core of the ASK program is the Stars of Tomorrow Camp series. These multi-day, multi-sport camps allow kids to play hard, develop athletic skills and bond with other ASK participants, empowering them to achieve all of their dreams and live beyond their comfort zone.


Adults with physical disabilities are by far the largest population in the physically disabled community. Since our inception, working with adults with physical disabilities has been one of our primary areas of programming.  Adaptive Adventures programs are offered to adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Adaptive Adventures is a champion for providing FREEDOM through Mobility to all of our participants. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to get active and be included in a larger community. We strive to provide our participants the skills to become independent in the sports of their choice.

Our programs feature cutting-edge adaptive equipment, experienced staff, volunteers and coaches. Many of our lead instructors are individuals with disabilities, who provide expertise and mentoring to participants. Adaptive Adventures encourages seasoned participants to become ambassadors and mentors within our community.


AAMO (Adaptive Adventure Military Operations) provides injured veterans and active duty military the opportunity to return to the level of fitness and activity that they had prior to being wounded.

Engage: Adaptive Adventures collaborates with over 24 VA medical centers, military hospitals, WTUs, WTBs and other veteran service organizations to impact veterans and their families throughout the country. Adaptive Adventures serves in various leadership and supporting roles at some of the largest disabled military events in the country, including the Hartford Ski Spectacular, the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic, the National Disabled Veterans Golf Clinic, and the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Serve: Adaptive Adventures respects and honors the service of each veteran and their families and recognizes each individual’s unique psychological and physical needs. Adaptive Adventures respects the role family members, caregivers and friends play in the rehabilitation process and encourages participation alongside their veteran in all programs to establish a support network for each veteran.

Empower: Adaptive Adventures empowers veterans by providing customized sports programs for all participants while helping each individual to create a lifestyle of health and wellness using sports as the catalyst for change. Adaptive Adventures provides an opportunity for veterans to experience camaraderie, build lasting relationships and find purpose as a mentor in our programs.