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The key elements in disabled education programs are similar to elements in programs that address other forms of discrimination or motivational speaking. The first is for parents and role models to talk with children from an early age about making healthy choices. The more young people are able to talk about and understand individuals with a disability the more likely they are to have compassion and understanding of the situation of others. Once children are of school age, they are exposed to a variety of experiences relating to people with disabilities. Programs that provide hands on, accurate information about the disabled community are an integral part of developing an understanding at a young age.

Adaptive Adventures Education and Outreach

Outreach Presentations - Through presentations at schools, rehabilitation centers and support groups for people with disablities and their families, we educate people of all ages, with an added focus on youth and adolescents, as to the truths and realities of being physically challenged. We try to provide and recruit leaders and role models to exemplify the positive impact indviduals with disablitles can have on the community in which we live.

Adaptive Adventures Speakers Bureau - Either through motivational speaking for our sponsors, media interviews at events or in working with our community partners, Adaptive Adventures has a group of individual motivational speakers, who serve as role models with extensive experience in the adaptive sports. May of our speakers are Paralympic medalists or have proven to be an exemplary leader in the world of adaptive sports.

Train the Trainer - We work in partnership with other adaptive sports programs to provide expertise and guidance in running ski, cycle, kayak and waterski programs in the Midwest and Colorado. Our experienced staff provides training to these programs, enusring the best quality care is provided in adaptive sports.

Demonstration Presentation to school children
education in the field

Joel Berman, Executive Director of Adaptive Adventures, spoke to all the gym classes at the local elementary school in the Chicago area.

It was enjoyed by kids, teachers as well as parents. Co-founder, Matt Feeney, speaks to kids in and out of the classroom in Denver, CO.