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Saturday, February 11, 2012 -
10:00am to 4:00pm
Boulder, CO
United States

Adaptive Adventures is proud to be partnering with three other Paralympic Sports Clubs - Boulder Expand, BOEC, and Craig Hospital - to present this wonderful experience. The Paralympic Experience will introduce people with physical disabilites to Paralympic sports. In addition to hands-on participation participants will also interact with Paralympic athletes and coaches.


The Paralympic Experience will:
• Introduce Paralympic sports to more people with disabilities.
• Educate coaches, teachers and athletes and grow Paralympic sports.
• Create a fun community event which identifies potential new athletes.

Athlete and Presenter Bios:

Jacob Heilveil - Born in Jeju, S. Korea, Jacob Heilveil has been wheelchair racing for over 25 years and still going strong.  Jacob has been on the US Paralympic Track and Field team in ’96, ’00, and ’04. He was selected to be in the 1996 Olympic exhibition wheelchair race at the abled bodies games in Atlanta. Jacob is currently coaching two local Colorado athletes to the 2012 London games in wheelchair racing.  Jacob is the city of Boulder EXPAND Paralympic Coach for the community racing program as well.  He is also active with outreach programs to Vietnam and Thailand to educate and provide equipment and training to potential Parlaympic athletes.    Career highlights include:  Winner of the inaugural 2007 Denver Colfax Marathon and 2007 Bolder/Boulder 10k.  He is the proud father of Jayden, 4 years old, and twin girls Janelle and Jocelyn, 18 months old.   Scott MooreA former high school wrestler,

Scott Moore was introduced to judo in 1988 at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.  In 1995, he won the first of three medals at the World Championships for the Blind.  Moore qualified for his first Paralympic Team in 1996 where he won a bronze medal.  In 2000, Moore won a gold medal at the Paralympic Games, becoming the first USA Judo athlete ever to win a title at either the Olympic or Paralympic Games.  A bronze medalist at the 2004 Paralympic Games, Moore has since retire to focus on coaching and was named an Assistant Coach for the Blind 2008 Paralympic Games.  In 2009, Moore was names Head Coach of the Pan American Games for the Blind Team where he lead the squad to 17 medals.  Since 1988, Moore has also been the Head Coach of the Denver Judo program where he coaches both sighted athletes as well as 11 visually impaired players.  Moore is married to wife Heidi who also was an elite judo player who competed on two World Teams for sighted athletes.  

Major David Rozelle - Major David Rozelle, a below-knee amputee, is an icon, resource and inspirational figure for American soldiers injured in recent conflicts abroad.  While in Iraq, commanding 140 troops of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Maj. Rozelle lost part of his right leg when a landmine exploded under his Humvee.  After completing his rehabilitation, Major Rozelle made the decision to return to active duty and to the same battlefield-the first American soldier to do in modern times. Now having completed a second tour of Iraq on a prosthetic leg, Maj. Rozelle continues to lead by example and is helping his fellow injured soldiers to reclaim active lifestyles.  He strongly believes in the healing power of sports to help accomplish his new mission.  After participating in the 2004 San Diego Triathlon Challenge, Maj. Rozelle became a proud supporter of the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  He serves as a role model and mentor to Operation Rebound Program.  Maj. Rozelle conquered the Ironman Triathlon World Championship Kona-an important goal he set for himself to prove that he’s not only “back in action,” but back with a purpose.  Maj. David Rozelle is currently the Professor of Military Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dave DennistonDave Denniston is well-known in the swimming world.  An NCAA champion and a 2004 Olympic hopeful who just missed making the team, he made waves once again with his selection to the 2008 Paralympic Swimming Team and his participation in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, China.  When Dave is not swimming, he spends his time delivering motivational speeches to middle schools, high schools, universities and businesses.  A humorist at heart, Dave mostly enjoys making other people laugh.  Dave is now the US Paralympic swimming coach and works at the USOC office in Colorado Springs.  

Adam Scaturro - A local quad rugby club player with the Denver Harlequinn’s since 1999, Adam has worked hard to prove his himself and made the 2012  Quad Rugby National Team.  One of the 12 members of the Team USA, Scaturro is also head coach for the Lakewood Tigers, a city-sponsored football team for abled-bodied youths.  Adam has been climbing volcano’s with his famous dad, Pasquale Scaturro.  With the help of his father, Adam was also the first quadriplegic to reach the base camp of Mount Everest.  Adam is the proud dad of Sebastian, 4 years old.  

Robert Rosser - Robert Rosser is a former 1998 Olympian and 5 time US National Champion in the sport of Biathlon.  He is currently the Paralympic Biathlon Coach and Director of Development and Recruiting.  Robert is the President of the Casper Mountain Biathlon Club and assists with cross country skiing and rifle marksmanship for all ages and abilities.  Robert was a Captain in the US Army for 21 years and 9 months as a Combat Engineer Officer.  

Christina (Ripp) Schwab - Christina Schwab is a three-time Paralympian in the sport of wheelchair basketball.  Christina was a member of the gold medal team in Athens and played on the team that came in fifth in Sydney in 2000.  At the 2008 Paralympic Games, Christina was near unstoppable, averaging 17 points and 4.5 rebounds in the final two games to lead the U.S. to the top of the podium.  Christina has taken a hiatus from wheelchair basketball to try her hand at wheelchair racing.  She has a sure shot at making the 2012 London team in track and field.  Christina is on the 2012 Elite U.S Paralympic Track and Field team.  Christina and her husband, CJ live in Arvada, Colorado.  

John Vcelka - John Vcelka is the Director of Decisions and Vital Information at SportsAbilitities.  John promotes activities for disabled individuals all over the country.  He combines calendars of over 400 different organizations and non-profit companies into one source so that people can see all that is happening in their area of the country without having to look at all the different websites.  John is a great resource to many people in Colorado with his motivation, dedication, and passion to get people out and active.