Leonard Tschida


Leonard “Leo” Tschida is the Board President for Adaptive Adventures. Leo started his career working part-time for UPS while attending the University of Minnesota. After finishing his education and receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business he pursued his career within UPS. Over the course of 23 years he worked his way from being a part-time employee to a Director of Operations. In 2003, Leo and his family moved to Colorado where he continued his position as the Director of Operations for the Rocky Mountain and Desert Mountain District where he ended his career with 37 years.

Leo has taken his love and passion for the outdoors and applied it towards the mission of Adaptive Adventures.

If you would like to contact Leo Tschida, please email him at leo@adaptiveadventures.org or call our office at (303) 679-2770 ext 201.

Executive Director Leo Skiing