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Make A Difference - Donate Now - Adaptive AdventuresAt Adaptive Adventures, we look forward to partnering with organizations that can help support our programs and increase awareness of our mission. Our sponsorship opportunities provide a high-profile opportunity to support and improve the quality of life of those we serve.

The Adaptive Adventures marketing team offers a variety of customized opportunities for organizations who want to take advantage of the vast exposure our programs provide. These opportunities include program and event sponsorships, as well as, individual or family   sponsorships, such as our adopt-a-soldier campaign.

                                      For more detailed information, please email Matt Feeney,


Program Sponsorships Partner Spotlight

Program sponsorships are the highest level of sponsorship  and include a variety of benefits such as title sponsorship on all program events. Another key benefit is the opportunity to work with us to create new programs and enhance existing programs to address the needs of the people we serve, while  addressing your corporate or organizational goals.  The following are examples of program sponsorships currently available:

Military Operations Program (AAMO)

Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK)

Wounded Veterans Dragon Boat Teams

Adaptive Cycling Experience

Adaptive Climbing Program




Reasonably  priced sponsorship packages are available for  each of our primary fundraising events. These packages are generally  broken down into three sponsorship levels, with  associated tiers of benefits: Platinum, Gold  and Silver.

To encourage and recognize continuous sponsorship at all levels, a special designation is provided  to sponsors with continuous sponsorship of 3 years or more. The following opportunities are some of the 2015 events:

Greg Reilly Memorial - Denver

Courage Gala - Chicago

Challenge Tour - CO and IL


Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Corporate Identification: At Adaptive Adventures, everything we do is highly visible and offers a great deal of brand awareness.
  • Program and Sales Opportunities: If you are present at the event, it gives you the chance to engage in the promotion or sale of your product/services.
  • Public Approval: The public generally approves of companies who give back to the community.
  • Cost Effective Way To Reach The Public: Sponsorship may provide more reach than conventional tactics such as advertising, making it a cost-effective way to reach the public.
  • Boost Employee Morale: sponsorship can potentially improve employee morale by improving how employees feel about your company.
  • Tax Deductions