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ADAPTIVE ADVENTURES’ MILITARY OPERATIONS PROGRAM (AAMO) serves more than 850 injured veterans annually through a variety of progressive programs and community partnerships. Adaptive Adventures serves warriors from more than 40 states across the country with our major focus being in the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain states. AA embraces the philosophy that ongoing participation in sports and attention to fitness and nutrition promotes a healthy lifestyle that improves the overall physical and psychological well-being of the wounded veteran.

Engage, Honor, Empower

Working with disabled veterans has been part of Adaptive Adventures’ culture since its inception in 1999. Our AMMO program includes targeted programs specific to veterans and their families, as well as, integrated programs with the community members of Adaptive Adventures. This year, Adaptive Adventures served over 850 veterans and their families in more than 2,700 days of participation. 

 Wounded Warrior on Adaptive Adventures Challenge Ride  wounded warrior in adaptive kayak on Lake Powell  Wounded Warrior monoskiing at Adaptive Adventures All Mountain camp

ENGAGE: Adaptive Adventures is continuously expanding and strengthening its' programs to ensure all wounded veterans in need of services are reached, including those living in areas where services are limited. Adaptive Adventures increases participation of veterans and injured servicemembers through our growing network of army hospitals, VAs, WTUs, veteran service organizations and alumni referrals, while also implementing a strategic marketing and social media plan to recruit new participants. 

HONOR: Adaptive Adventures respects and honors the service of the wounded veterans and their families, recognizing each warrior’s unique psychological and physical needs. Our programs customize appropriate equipment and instruction for each participant’s physical abilities, level of fitness, and personal goals with a focus on improving his/her overall health and wellness. Through honoring the role of family members, caregivers, and friends in the rehabilitation process, AA works with the local programs and partners to establish a network of support for each participant.

EMPOWER: Adaptive Adventures empowers warriors by providing customized sports programs for all levels of participants while helping wounded veterans to create a lifestyle of health and wellness using sports as the catalyst for change. AA encourages wounded veterans to continuously reengage in their communities through our meet up groups, post event follow up, customized fitness and wellness plans, and guest speakers at a variety of Adaptive Adventures events.

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