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Matt Feeney Diversity presentation at a schoolThe key elements in disabled education programs are similar to elements in programs that address other forms of discrimination or motivational speaking. The first is for parents and role models to talk with children from an early age about making healthy choices. The more young people are able to talk about and understand individuals with a disability the more likely they are to have compassion and understanding of the situation of others. Once children are of school age, they are exposed to a variety of experiences relating to people with disabilities. Programs that provide hands on, accurate information about the disabled community are an integral part of developing an understanding at a young age.

Fall 2011 Presentations

Sept. 9   Craig Outdoor Recreation Expo  Englewood, CO      Topic:  Sports Rehabilitaton

Oct 13     Denver Round Table                 Denver, CO               Topic: Sports Rehabilitation
Oct 14     Evergreen High School             Evergreen, CO         Topic: Diversity
Oct 24     Colorado Mountain College      Leadville, CO           Topic: Sports  Rehabilitation 
Oct 27      Evergreen Kiwanis                    Evergreen, CO         Topic: Sports Rehabilitation

Nov. 3      The Movement                          Salt Lake City              Topic: Documentary Film on Adaptive Skiing
Nov. 5      The Movement                          Park City, UT                Topic: Documentary Film on Adaptive Skiing