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An exciting outreach project for Adaptive Adventures is the short film documentary The Movement, narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller. The film is a Make a Hero production in association with Adaptive Adventures. It is designed to increase awareness, participation, and opportunity in adaptive sports across the country. Stay tuned for a showing near you!

‎"Movements are more than good ideas. A movement needs people. It is an uprising, a rebellion against the status quo, a groundswell of momentum. It must mean something and it must be worth fighting for." - Warren Miller                                         

The Movement, narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, tells the story of five individuals from all walks of life who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome them and became real everyday heroes. Through skiing, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom of movement.

The Movement, is an adaptive film that document the triumphs of individuals with physical disabilities in an effort to grow awareness and financial support for adaptive sports groups. The Movement is an inspirational story about individuals with physical disabilities experiencing freedom through sports and recreation. The Movement has been accepted to over 20 film festivals including Sundance, nominated for 7 Maverick Movie awards, and has won 5 awards to date. The Movement has aired on national television during prime time, shown in theaters across the country, and screened at several private benefits with proceeds going towards local adaptive groups. In order to reach every individual with a physical disability, The Awards for The MovementMovement has been made accessible for vision and hearing impaired individuals.


Narrated by Robert Redford and Warren Miller, The Movement tells the story of five individuals from all walks of life who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome and become real everyday heroes.Through skiing, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom of movement and the pure joy of playing with gravity and has carried over into the rest of their lives. Their experience on the mountain serves as a metaphor for leaping over the hurdles created by living with a disability.


Scored by world-renowned musician, Trevor Rabin, and music from U2, k.d. lang and the Foo Fighters, The Movement is entertaining and captivating. The dynamic cast of adaptive athletes shares how their physical disabilities are no longer a limitation, but a strong part of their character. The film depicts how each one has overcome their respective disability and led the way for other individuals to follow in their path towards a more mobile and free life.