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Adaptive Adventures sailing program continues to gain momentum since its inception in 2013!  We are pleased to provide regular sailing opportunties in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas, as well as Sandusky, Ohio.  The Colorado program has grown to over 60 days of on water opportunities that include Experiential Sailing, Learn to Sail, and Learn to Race sessions throughout the summer.  

Our program features the highly adaptible Windrider 17 trimaran as our primary boat of choice and in Sandusky we also sail a Corsair 28.  Partnering with Colorado Sail and Yacht Club, Community Sailing of Colorado, Windrider, the Sandusky Sailing School, and Freedom Boats we are excited to provide the wide variety of experiences for to our participants.  Take the time to learn more about our program!



Special thanks to Windrider International for their generous support to our sailing program.  Our dedicated volunteers and coordinators made a trip to the factory to bring back part of our sailing fleet.  Take a look at the video of the caravan of boats departing the factory en route to Colorado!

NOTE: We are continuing to develop our webpages on the new site.  Please be patient with us.  In the meantime if you have questions about the Sailing Programs you can contact Mark or Chelsea.