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Be a Star of Tomorrow! Stars of Tomorrow Youth Ski & Snowboard Camps are fun sports camps for youth with physical disabilities who want to learn how to ski or snowboard.  They can participate with other youths in the same age group - and at an affordable price. STARS Camps are also great for those who have skied or snowboarded before and would like to advance their skills.

These camps will give you plenty of time to experience the fun of snow sports, along with quality ski lessons for participants at all levels. Private and group lessons will be provided in fun and exciting environments. Trained instructors will share their passion of skiing with you and guide you to a fun skiing experience. This is a great chance to challenge yourself and have fun in the process!

STARS Camps will travel across the nation and you should be able to find one near you. Each camp will have a collaborated local adaptive program providing quality lessons and local knowledge. Some of the camps are designed for beginners and others are suitable for intermediate to advance skiers. In order to provide the best winter sports experience, please contact our youth sports program specialist to create your customized plan. We will keep you active and encourage you to experience a healthy life style during the winter season.

All smiles at the Stars of Tomorrow camp

Stars of Tomorrow Youth Ski & Snowboard Camps
2016 Winter Season Schedule

January 28-31         Keystone Resort, CO
March 18-21            Steamboat Springs Resort, CO

All the STARS Camps provide affordable lodging, family style meals and plenty of après ski activities. Family members and friends are always welcome to the Camps at an additional cost.

Who is the event for? Two girls 3-track skiing at the Stars of Tomorrow camp
Youth (age 6-20) with physical disabilities, new skiers, beginner skiers who need private lessons, intermediate skiers who want to improve their skiing level, mono-skiers, 3-trackers, 4-trackers, visually impaired, and a few bi-skiers.

What are goals of the Camps?
To have fun in the winter mountains! Make new friends; explore popular ski resorts; learn about adaptive ski equipment; advance your skiing and snowboarding skills; learn how to stay active; experience a healthy life style; and,  try ski racing.

What should I bring to the camp?
Most of your ski equipment including helmet, ski boots, skis, mono-skis, bi-skis, and outriggers will be provided. To be ready for all mountain weather conditions, please bring extra clothes, gloves, socks and under layers. Choosing synthetic materials over cotton is always a good idea. We will provide packing list for the Camps at the time of registration.Follow the leader at the STARS of Tomorrow camp

How to register?
Please contact our staff for availability and registration forms.

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