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Adaptive Kayaking  

In Denver, we will continue to support our largest national dragonboat program through further development of these teams, which led the charge as our National Championship Team in 2015.

Adaptive Adventures Wounded Warrior Alumni Team (Competitive Wounded Veterans team that have served post 9/11 with a physical disability) 

United States Veterans Administration Team (Competitive veterans team of all era's with a physical disability) 

Civilian Team 1 (competitive team comprised of non military participants with a physical disability)

Civilian Team 2 (recreation team comprised of non military participants with a physical disability)

Click here to register for Team Blue now

With an early start to the 2016 season on April 10th at Sloans Lake, we're prepared for a season unlike any other! Click here to register for Team Blue now! 

For those interested in competing within a competitive vs recreational focused team, we will lhave fitness and performance standards in place for the 2016 teams. 

Head Coach- Chris Wiegand

Assistant Coach- Chelsea Elder

Assistant Coach- Rob Lewis

Technical Director- Chad Elder

Veteran Captain-  Rich Ochiuzzo

Civilian Captain- Dale Alton

Orientation and Technical Training Dates:

April 5th (weather permitting) Briefings, Boat Mooring, Technical Foundations, and Fitness Drills

April 10th (weather permitting) Briefing, Technical Foundations

April 12th (weather permitting) Briefing and Drive Pattern Development. Pre-Race info for 24th 5 hour Race

April 24th- 5 hour Paddle Challenge- Racing against other top regional teams 

Denver Area Practices:

     Sunday's- 08:00-10:00

     Tuesday's- 18:00-20:00 (this is a new night for 2016)

*Dates and Time Subject to Change due to weather or special events at the park 



Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival- July 16

Chicago Dragonboat Festival- July 30-31

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival- August 22-23     


Season Kick-off and Informational Family Dinner- April 22

5-Hour Blood-Sweat-Tears Paddle Challenge- April 24

Mile High Dragon Boat Festival– July 30-31

Colorado Springs Dragonboat Festival- August 27


Rose Regatta Dragonboat Festival-October 8-9

Click here to register for Team Blue now! 

If you are interested in joining one of our Dragon Boat Teams, Please contact head coach, Chris Wiegand at 617-803-5029 or