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The Adaptive Water-ski Experience

Wounded Warrior water-skiingIn 2011, Adaptive Adventures continued to expand its role in providing and promoting adaptive water-skiing and wakeboarding opportunities in the United States. In addition to being the lead Colorado promoter of adaptive camps and clinics, we where able to serve more people in the Chicago area as well. The program is centered around working with local park districts, rehabilitation hospitals, private lake owners, water-ski teams, youth camps, and adaptive recreation programs to provide the highest quality equipment, instruction, and experience. We  focus on single and multi-day demos, camps, and clinics over a wide geographic range. We will work with individuals and groups of all sizes, both public and private, to help them understand, develop skills, and enjoy the sport of water-skiing and wakeboarding.

In 2012, we our goal is to once again expand opportunites to water-ski and wakeboard for children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities. We have already identified additional venues for new progams in the Midwest. In addition, our Colorado based program has added staff and equipment and are planning some exciting new camps and clinics. Stay tuned to our web site for dates and details coming soon...

Adaptive wakeboarding with Adaptive AdventuresNeed for this service in the community: Water-skiing and wakeboarding are popular forms of physical exercise, exhilaration, and social interaction practiced around the world. Adaptive water-ski equipment offers a unique opportunity for individuals with mobility, visual, or other impairments to experience the joys and benefits of water sports. Utilizing the latest in adaptive equipment, tournament quality tow boats and individual instruction, Adaptive Adventures creates an atmosphere that promotes independence and success no matter what the physical limitation might be.  Because adaptive water-skiing is a relatively new and growing sport, it lacks exposure and availability in certain regions of the country. In countless cities and towns around the country the freedom and physical benefits of water sports should be available to all individuals regardless of Ability or disAbility. Creating water sports opportunities for individuals from all abilities and walks of life is what Adaptive Adventures is all about. 

Reaching members of the community: Adaptive water sports must be accessible. With so few programs in the U.S. that own adaptive water-ski equipment, and that have the expertise to present it to their constituents, it can be difficult for an individual to find a demo, camp, or clinic. Adaptive Adventures overcomes this obstacle by partnering with leaders in the disabled community, and the water sports community at large to offer more opportunities for people with physical disabilities to enjoy a sport they may not otherwise have access to.