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AAMO (Adaptive Adventure Military Operations) provides injured veterans and active duty military the opportunity to return to the level of fitness and activity that they had prior to being wounded. Our programs feature cutting edge adaptive equipment, experienced staff, volunteers, and coaches. Many of our lead instructors are individuals with disabilities, who provide expertise and mentoring to participants. This guidance provides AAMO participants with role models to help them regain their freedom through mobility, while also providing a valuable resource for emotional and social rehabilitation.

Adaptive Adventures provides a multi-tiered approach to all programs that address participants’ current abilities and helps build physical and mental strength. We promote self-confidence and independence by encouraging participants to engage in more advanced programs. AAMO programs focus on building camaraderie, improving physical health and wellness, providing leadership opportunities while including family, friends and caregivers to create a community of support that encourages health and wellness beyond our programs. 

      Snofest Military Ski and Ride camp   wounded warrior kaykaing with his daughter and service dog


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