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Kayaking is a versatile outdoor recreational activity that encourages physical fitness, nature exploration, and adventure.  Kayaking provides opportunities for a wide range of personal interests from the serenity of gliding across a smooth lake, or exploring a meandering stream, to the thrill of paddling a whitewater river.  Kayaking is a great way to spend an afternoon, a day, or longer with family and friends. 

Increasingly, people with disabilities are discovering kayaking as a recreational activity. Using standard and/or adapted equipment, many people with disabilities can kayak on a "level paddling field" with their non-disabled peers.  For many participants minimal adaptations are necessary to enjoy kayaking.  For others, the increasing varieties of adaptations available are making kayaking accessible for even more participants.  

At Adaptive Adventures, we focus on providing recreational kayaking experiences on “flat and moving water”.  We provide introductory experiences, training days and skill development opportunities through events, camps, and regularly scheduled paddle days, as well as multi-day adventure trips.  In addition, we partner with several local organizations specializing in whitewater kayaking experiences to help provide these type of experiences for interested participants.  

Since our inception in 1999, Adaptive Adventures has been involved in adapting kayaking to offer experiential and instructional paddling opportunities for people with disabilities!  We continue to expand our program options and local partnerships.  With fully outfitted kayak trailers in Chicago and Denver, Adaptive Adventures has over a 35 kayaks available for use with local non-profit and community partners and participants. Our mission is to make kayaking available to everyone.

Through our programs, people with disabilities and their families can enjoy everything from more peaceful adventures like lake, river, and urban kayaking, to high adventure like whitewater kayaking. Whatever your adventure dream may be, we can help you reach it. 

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