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The Adaptive Sports for Kids (ASK) Program offers year-round recreational and competitive sports opportunities for physically disabled children and youth ages 6 to 20. ASK encourages participants to enjoy the outdoors, develop a healthy lifestyle, make new friends, gain self-confidence, and achieve greater independence.

Under the guidance of our dedicated staff, coaches, and volunteers, we utilize adaptive equipment for each of core sports: skiing, cycling, kayaking and water-skiing, to provide a customized experience to fit each individual in a safe setting. Each program is designed to meet the specific needs of the participants.

At the core of the ASK program is the Stars of Tomorrow Camp series. These multi-day, multi-sport camps allow kids to play hard, develop athletic skills, and bond with other ASK participants, empowering them to achieve all of their dreams and live beyond their comfort zone. 

What makes Adaptive Adventures different?

1) Mobility

Adaptive Adventures is a non-site-based organization offering a wide variety of sporting activities in different geographic locations. Our mobility enables us to create innovative opportunities at local sites and utilize the available facilities. 

2) Independence

Our ASK program emphasizes skill development and social aspects of recreational and competitive sport in an integrated setting. By including friends, families, and youth of all abilities, we create an environment conducive to developing confidence and independence.

3) Leaders & Role Models

Our co-founders, Matt Feeney and Joel Berman, are both physically disabled and passionate about adaptive sports. A large percentage of our staff and volunteers are also physically disabled and serve as role models and mentors for the ASK participants.

4) Collaboration

Two girls 3-track skiing at the Stars of Tomorrow campOne of Adaptive Adventures’ core philosophies is collaboration. We strive to partner with many youth-oriented organizations to increase efficiency in serving the community of youth with physical disabilities.

Follow the leader at the STARS of Tomorrow camp

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