Dragon Boat Racing

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Experience the unstoppable rise of Adaptive Adventures Dragon Boat Teams! Since 2014, we’ve dominated the dragon boat scene, clinching the prestigious USA Dragon Boat Club Champion Title. Operating from our Colorado and Illinois offices, we also collaborate with partners nationwide to spread the dragon boat fervor.
Introducing “Team Blue” – the embodiment of excellence! Conquering able-bodied teams, we’ve consistently secured top national rankings and proudly adorned ourselves with numerous medals. In a lighthearted banter with an elite team, we exclaimed, “With all our 68 limbs and 20 heartbeats (out of 80 possible – 20 people per boat), we stand ahead of you!” Laughter ensued, and their determination intensified.
We are Team Blue – a force fueled by passion, determination, and heart! Explore our calendar for Team Blue Denver, Team Blue Chicago, Team Blue Phoenix, Team Blue Sarasota, and Team Blue Puerto Rico. Join us in our extraordinary journey!
Dragon Boat racing offers a unique and inclusive environment that brings together individuals of all fitness levels and abilities. It’s a thrilling experience where teamwork takes center stage, propelling you towards a shared objective: crossing the finish line. Beyond the races, Dragon Boat teams foster a tight-knit community, providing unwavering commitment, uplifting encouragement, and invaluable support.
At Adaptive Adventures, we provide everything you need to thrive in this exhilarating sport. From comprehensive instruction to top-notch gear, boats, and an enthusiastic community of participants and volunteers, we ensure that your team becomes an extraordinary force like no other.

Ready to embark on an incredible journey with us? If you’re interested in joining a team or need assistance in starting an adaptive team, reach out to us at dragonboat@adaptiveadventures.org.

Dragon boat launched and ready to paddle
Dragon boat team photo