Dragon Boat Racing

Adaptive Adventures Dragon Boat Teams have been growing in size and success since 2014, including owning the USA Dragon Boat Club Champion Title.  Adaptive Adventures provides teams out of our office locations in Colorado and Illinois, but also partners to provide teams across the United States. Adaptive Adventures is passionate about bringing dragon boat to clubs across the nation by providing trainings, collaboration and best practices for training, equipment and community building.

Our "Team Blue" has consistently finished within the top ranks nationally, with several medals in hand against able body teams. We once joked against an elite 'able bodied' team that we managed to podium against, that we are " 'standing here with all our 68 limbs and 20 heartbeats ahead of you (out of 80 possible- 20 people per boat)." Everyone laughed.. and they began to train harder.

We are Team Blue!

Much of our competition has years more experience, and no disabilities present, but none with more heart and drive than Team Blue! Check our calendar for postings for Team Blue Denver, Team Blue Chicago, Team Blue Phoenix, Team Blue Sarasota and Team Blue Puerto Rico.

If you would like more information about joining a team or would like help starting an adaptive team, please email us at dragonboat@adaptiveadventures.org.

Dragon Boat racing creates an inclusive environment where people of all fitness levels and abilities can unite as a team and have fun! It focuses on working as a team to achieve one common goal, the finish line. Outside of competitions, Dragon Boat teams provide a community where you can find commitment, encouragement, and support.

We provide the instruction, gear, boat, plenty of enthusiasm, and a community of participants and volunteers to create a team like no other.

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