Whitewater Rafting

Adaptive Adventures provides two multi-day raft trips per year through the beautiful Dinosaur National Monument on the Yampa River.

Rafting on the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument provides a high adventure opportunity that can only be experienced in the Western Colorado.  The unique attributes of a rafting trip accentuate the need for individuals to work together as a group, becoming a team, as they paddle together to maneuver the river and successfully complete the trip.  With the watchful supervision of our experienced guides our participants learn the essential skills required to become a strong team member.  Throughout the trip each boat team will gain the necessary skills to accomplish the future challenges of the river.

Our team travels 71 miles in five days paddling the river, camping on the shores, dining on great food, and enjoying the company of the entire group.  The unique and remote environment of this river provides an excellent blend of high adventure and peaceful scenery allowing for the connections between hard work and relaxation to be explored by the participants.

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