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My name is Christopher Fesmire. I am a Marine vet wounded in Iraq when the hummvee I was in rolled over a double stacked anti tank mine. I lost both of my legs above the knees. I have attended Adaptive Adventures’ Steamboat Springs All Mountain Ski Camp twice. I had an excellent experience at both camps. What makes these experiences so special? I have a two part answer to that question.

The first part of what makes Adaptive Adventures’ Steamboat Springs All Mountain Camp so special is who puts it together. The Adaptive Adventures Staff and Volunteers are very friendly. The first camp I attended was the first camp Adaptive Adventures put on up in Steamboat, although one could hardly tell because the camp ran so smoothly (from the participants point of view). There were not very many participants in that first camp which gave it an intimate, family affair kind of feeling. I had a ton of fun getting to know my instructor and the volunteer who skied with us. The second camp I attended was the third the group had put on in Steamboat. It was larger, which is good because it is such an exceptional program. The larger group was just as fun as the intimate group. I am a monoskier, and that second camp I attended was also a lot of fun. It was fun for many reasons but one that stands out with me is cruising around with eight or nine other monoskiers. It is something that does not happen very often, and it was great seeing all the other monoskiers’ techniques and attitudes about skiing.

The second part of the answer to what makes Adaptive Adventures’ Steamboat Springs All Mountain Camp so awesome is how the event is set up. Three days of skiing Steamboat Springs Ski Resort followed by a day out in the backcountry with the Steamboat Powdercats. The first camp I attended I did not really know how to ski in powder, in fact I had only been in a monoski a few times before. My instructor that year gave me the powder bug, and I could not wait to sharpen my skills and come back ready for the Powdercat trip. The second camp I attended I came ready to ski, but did not expect to really hone my skills any further. I was wrong. The second camp pushed the limits of my skiing to get me over my skill level plateau. The staff and volunteers had me skiing stuff I would never attempt while out on the mountain by myself. The instructors had me skiing the steep, bumpy stuff that is the nightmare of beginner skiers, and I handled it. That experience got my confidence up in my skiing, and got me hyped about the Powdercat trip. The Powdercat trip I went out on that year (2008) with Adaptive Adventures was the best day of skiing I have ever had. I knew from the days on the mountain that I would be able to ski whatever they put in front of me. And what can I say of that day? Fresh tracks all day long. Snow. POWDER. No lift lines. Warm snowcat rides to the top. Good company… Heaven.