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Participant Testimonial

Trevor Smith

My name is Trevor Smith (14) and I was born with no right hand below elbow. For the last 8 years, I have been on this journey with Adaptive Adventures. Our support group Colorado Children’s Unlimbited invited Adaptive Adventures to our summer picnic. Instantaneously, I realized Adaptive Adventures would help me excel in sports. I have been introduced to many new experiences including kayaking, scuba diving, and my favorite, rock climbing. Rock climbing puts me in challenging situations, while giving you the thrill of summiting the wall. The ability to openly share my experiences with my limb difference, while feeling accepted, is what makes Adaptive Adventures GREAT!

By being involved in many different events, I have always felt strong encouragement, great support, and most importantly that someone has always had my back! The volunteers and staff are great at making you feel empowered, unique, and their focus is solely on YOU. As I get older, I realize I don’t need another arm because I accept how I am and that’s just me. I gain more out of life by having one hand!

The ability to push me to my limits and beyond, whether on the rock wall or in life, Adaptive Adventures has been with me every step of the way.